Software Distributions
  • Compiler [Frontend🔒][Backend🔒]
  • Compiler (Public Release) [Full]
  • Micro-architecture Level Simulator [C++🔒][Chisel🔒]
  • Micro-architecture Level Simulator (Public Release) [C++]
Hardware Distributions
  • OPU bitstream for Xilinx 325t [OPU][Uni-OPU][GitHub🔒]
  • Light-OPU bitstream for Xilinx 325t [Light-OPU][GitHub🔒]
  • OPU bitstream for Microsemi MPF300 [PDF][GitHub🔒]
  • OPU development board and embedded system [User Manual][GitHub🔒]
  • OPU bitstream for Intel Stratix 10 (to be released)
  • OPU for training (to be released)
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