Short Biography

Wei Wu

PhD Graduate Student

E.E. Department, UCLA

53-109 Engineering IV, 420 Westwood Plaza

Los Angeles, CA 90095




  • FPGA based Computing System: Deep Learning Accelerators, Analog Circuit Emulation
  • Machine Learning: Deep Nets and their Compact Models, Applications
  • EDA: Parallel Circuit Simulation and Yield Analysis

More details about Wei Wu are available in the CV.


Jan.2012 - Mar.2016 PhD, Department of Electrical Engineering
Sep.2007 - Jan.2010 M.Sc, Department of Electrical Engineering
Beihang University, China
Sep.2003 - Jul. 2007 B.Sc, Department of Electrical Engineering
Beihang University, China

Industry Experience

Jun.2015 - Sep.2015 IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights, NY
Research Intern Manager: Jinjun Xiong
  • Developed a flow that transfers the knowledge of a sophisticated deep neural network to a simpler/shallow network with negligible sacrifice in accuracy.
  • Developed the algorithms that compress the deep neural network to reduce the inference complexity.
Mar.2015 - Jun.2015 Google Inc. Pittsburgh, PA
Software Developer Intern Manager: Shijie Zhang
  • Predicted duplicates for Ads crawling using Google Brain at extremely large scale.
Jun.2014 - Sep.2014 Samsung Research America San Jose, CA
Research Intern Manager: Pranav Mistry, Jeff Pierce
  • Worked on confidential prototypes related to wearable computing, indoor positioning, and machine learning applications.

Teaching Experience

EE201C Modeling of VLSI Circuits and Systems (Fall'13)
EEM116L Introductory Digital Design Laboratory (Spring'12, Spring'13)
EE110L Circuit Measurements Laboratory (Fall'12)

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